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Writing Wednesday: First Lines



Welcome to my new weekly feature: Writing Program Wednesdays. Every week I’ll be sharing a different idea to encourage writing. Some weeks will feature teen ideas, some weeks school-age, and some preschool.

Great First Lines

This week’s idea works great as a meeting for a regularly meeting writing club, but is fun for a standalone program too. This can work for middle grade readers and up.

1. Gather a collection of great first lines from books appropriate for your audience.

2. Share the first lines with the group and talk about what makes them great. Do they build suspense? Introduce a character? Set a mood? Establish a setting?

3. Have the group go and look for books they love with great first lines. Give them five or ten minutes and then share and discuss these with the group.

4. Give the group a set amount of time to come up with as many first lines for original stories as possible.

5. Share and discuss the results and have group members identify first lines they would like to turn into longer stories.

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