Think Outside the Stacks: Early Childhood Blogs for Librarians Part 1

I love blogs, all kinds of blogs. Some of my best resources for learning new things and generating new program ideas aren’t blogs by and for librarians. Over a series of posts I want to share some of these blogs with you. The first set cover early childhood education, you may even want to share some of these with the parents of your littlest patrons depending on your community needs.

Playful Learning

Mariah Bruehl is a parent with over 15 years’ experience working in the field of education and a Master of Science degree in Education.  Her blog has tons of hands-on ideas to get kids thinking, many of which are scalable for library programs.

Sample Posts:

Story Machines
A fun writing activity that would work great as a school age program.

Simple Terrariums
Can’t you see the potential for Dig Into Reading?

9 Apps for Young Scientists
I don’t know about you, but we can always use more ideas to use our iPads and more ideas for STEAM

Not Just Cute

From the About: “This blog contains activities and articles created for parents and teachers of preschool children with the development of the whole child in mind.  Activities may be “cute”, but they will also come with specific developmental objectives and other explanations of why they benefit more than just your child’s aesthetics.”

ECRR 2 reminds us that Read, Write, Sing, Play, and Talk are all important for helping little ones learn. Not Just Cute provides a huge amount of ideas for little learners and explains why these activities are great as well. There is also some great food for thought in her posts that librarians should consider as well.

Sample Posts:

Let’s Build: Activities for a Preschool Tools and Construction Theme
The next time you are going to do this topic for storytime check out the activities for enriching the Play part of the five practices.

This is a G and So Is This
Hey look, it’s letter knowledge with a dose of print awareness.

Color Mixing Scientists  which builds on Mixing Colors the Easy (and Fun) Way
It’s science for preschoolers with corresponding picture books included. What more could you ask for?

No Time for Flashcards
More hands on learning activities from experience early childhood educators.

Sample Posts:

Valentine’s Day Rainbow Wall
A fun color matching activity that could be easily scaled up for a storytime crowd.

Make Your Own Travel Size Chalkboards
How cheap and easy would it be to make a bunch of these for storytime or a beginning reader activity station?

Halloween Graphing Activity
Math for little ones. Get your STEAM on.  This could easily be replicated with die-cuts for a bigger group.

Think Outside the Stacks will be a weekly series of things from other fields we can use to make us better librarians. Come back next week and check it out!

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