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Sneaky Literacy: The Great Debate


Teens love to argue. Just suggest they might have broken a rule and watch them go. Why not harness that for good and get them thinking at the same time by hosting a great debate? Pick a  book related controversy and challenge them to find evidence in the text to support their opinion. You can even invite a coach or student from a local debate club to give a mini-lesson on building arguments and using evidence before you let them loose.

What kind of things can they argue about?

  • Team Gale vs. Team Peeta vs. Team Katniss
  • Should Draco Malfoy be in Azkaban?
  • Sirius Black: Doting Godfather or Insane Hypocrite?
  • Superman vs. Batman vs. Spiderman
  • What is John Green’s (or any author with multiple popular books) best work?
  • Are there girl books and boy books?
  • Can you judge a book by it’s cover?


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