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Sneaky Literacy: Teen Restaurant Wars Program

restaurant wars

Original Photo: Thomas Hawk

This is basically the sneakiest writing, research, and presentation skills program I’ve ever suggested.  It’s based on the Restaurant Wars challenge on Top Chef, without the cooking. Even if teens don’t get the reference they should like the concept.  My teens are very interested in culinary careers now and yours might be too. You can encourage teens to use your collection for cookbooks, interior design books, and anything else related to their vision. You might want to acquire catalogs from restaurant supply companies or discarded magazines to help.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Explain to teens that they will be competing to create the best imaginary restaurant.
  2. Break teens into teams of three or four.
  3. Explain to them that they have a certain amount of time to create their restaurant and give a short presentation to the group.   Each group should have:
  • A written menu of at least two appetizers, two main dishes, and two desserts.
  • A written description of the theme and decoration of their restaurant. What would their logo look like? How is it decorated? What kind of restaurant is it? What is the atmosphere like?   Encourage them to think of their favorite restaurants and why they are favorites.
  1. Each team will give a presentation of their concepts.  The more creative the better. Encourage them to find pictures of furniture and food they would include.  They could include music, powerpoint, a skit etc. in their presentation as long as they cover the basics.
  2. Judges or voters should pick a winner based on the theme, decor, menu, presentation and how well everything fits together.
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