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8 Signs You Don’t Belong in Youth Services

How To Burn Out as a Youth Services Librarian 

E.L. Konigsburg, Award Books, Collective Reading, and Me, Elizabeth

Tis the Season: Differences Between Faux Printz and Actual Printz Discussions

Why We Do Programs


Programming Stuff

Book Speed Dating

The Fourteenth Goldfish Book Club Event

The Land of Stories: Five Activity Ideas for Library Programs

Go Big or Go Home: Giant Games 

Ice Breakers for Teen Program Success

Jump Start Your Bookclub (Alternative Formats) 

Sneaky Literacy: The Great Debate

Sneaky Literacy: “Best of” Lists Program

Sneaky Literacy: Restaurant Wars

Teens’ Top Ten and Connecting to Teen Readers with Fandom

Writing Programs: Rory’s Story Cubes

Writing Programs: First Lines

Add a Photobooth to Your Program


I do what I call Flash Booktalks

Why Flash Booktalks

Writing the Flash Booktalk

10 Flash Booktalk Examples

30 Books in 30 Minutes


Serving NICU Parents

Beyond Bookmarks: Ways to Promote Databases and Electronic Resources to Youth

Why I Will Never Cut Blobs for Felt Pieces Again

Doing More With Summer Reading Data

Subscription Boxes: A Library What-If

The Storytime Song Bucket

Keeping Current With Teen Culture

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