Add a Photo Booth to Your Program


Photo Source: The Berry

My sister is planning her wedding, which makes my Pinterest feed pretty interesting. Of course it didn’t take long before I saw something I could use for library programming.  I doubt I’m the first person to think of using the photo booth concept for library programming but I wanted to share some ideas and links with you anyway.  Why not create an area at your next program for your patrons to take memorable photos.  Giving your teens something to share on social media is great PR for the library and it’s fun too.

The set-up is fairly easy. You really only need a backdrop and some props:

Mardi Gras Outlet has a Pinterest board full of ideas, as does pinner Colette Davison.  Blogger Whale You Be My Friend has a bunch of DIY ideas and Wedding Bee has a tutorial on how to make DIY Conversation bubbles. 


Photo Source: Wedding Bee

The simple and easy thing is to have patrons take pictures with their own devices and post them to their own accounts. Designate a hashtag or ask them to tag the library in their posts. You can also take the pictures yourself or get a volunteer to do it. There are a ton of photo booth apps for various platforms that are all pretty similar so if you have a device with a camera you can add filters and other fun things before posting.

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