The Rules of Ever After by Killian B. Brewer



The Rules of Ever After by Killian B. Brewer 

“I’m just surrendering to the ridiculous.” This line from Prince Daniel is my advice to readers of The Rules of Ever After. If you do you’ll have fun. Take a Simon Pulse romantic comedy, throw in some twists on fairy tale magic, and season heavily with pride and rainbow sprinkles.

Brewer mixes and matches the tropes of well-known fairy tales to create a whimsical and funny story of two princes looking for adventure. Phillip might be a little sneaky, but he wants the best for his kingdom. Daniel is a bored second royal son, but he’s loyal and brave. Neither, and I’m looking at you SLJ reviewer, is confused about the fact that they really don’t want to get stuck marrying princesses.

Daniel and Phillip, along with their entourage that includes a scribe, a knight, and some princesses who wouldn’t mind shaking things up themselves, set out to save their kingdoms from evil and maybe find true love along the way making their own version of “happily ever after”.

This is the first book from the Duet division of Interlude Press, and while it’s not as strong in a literary sense as some of IP’s other titles it is a fun read. Even if you’re well stocked on other books with LGBT characters it will add some diversity to your library’s collection with its lighthearted tone.

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Full disclosure: I received a sampler of this title from the publisher and purchased the full book on my own.

5 Library Ideas from Buzzfeed’s YA Quotes List

The Buzzfeed 46 of the Most Beautiful Sentences in YA Literature  got me thinking. It’s an okay list, the usual non-YA suspects and a extremely creative definition of “sentence” aside. The good thing is that it’s a solid prompt for some library stuff.

1. You can pull these quotes or others for a “Guess the Book” passive program, either via bulletin board or worksheet.

2.You can ask teens to submit their own favorite YA quotes and display them in the teen area or on social media.

3.You can create a display of the featured books with their selected quotes.

4. Teens can use the quote as a writing prompt for a an original story or a fanfiction of the work itself.

5. Teens can letter and illustrate/decorate the quote by hand or they can use a digital tool like Canva or Recite to make a graphic.

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Scarlett Undercover by Jennifer Latham: Flash Booktalk


Meet Scarlett: teenage girl, Muslim, orphan, and private investigator. What seems like an easy case working for a little girl worried about her brother reveals Scarlett’s destined role in taking down the Children of Iblis who believe ancient artifacts will let them destroy the world.  They might be trying to harness the supernatural, but are they ready for Scarlett?